La Paz Beach Rentals at Puerta Cortes

Welcome to La Paz Beach Rentals at Puerta Cortés (aka Costa Baja), a jewel that is unveiled for those who sense its value, in a privileged place for sea lovers. Welcome to a lifestyle in complete harmony with nature, where your golf club, marina, shops, residences, hotels and villas are designed to the highest standards while respecting the environment. It is a world in itself: an authentic community, embraced by the desert and the sea, caressed by the sun and 1.6 kilometers of seafront, privileged with 360 days of sunshine a year. A sea so peaceful that at dusk it is a mirror of the sky.  As a guest of La Paz Beach Rentals, you will have access to the private amenities of Puerta Cortes including the Blue Cortes Beach Club, The El Cortes Golf Club and pamper yourself in one of two Puerta Cortes and Costa Baja Spas.  

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